Muso 1.4.28

A more flexible way to browse and sort your music collection


  • Support for iTunes and Winamp libraries
  • Excellent tagging system to organize and browse music
  • Extra information about artists from, Wikipedia and Amazon


  • Lacks advanced playback functionality
  • No social features


Muso is a tool that lets users browse and sort through their music library.

It's difficult to define a program like Muso. It's not a music player, nor is it a playlist manager. Instead, it can be viewed more as an alternative way to manage and organize your music collection.

First, import your music into Muso. Users can do this by either selecting individual files or folders on their hard drive or else by selecting their iTunes or Winamp library. This will ultimately allow you to manage your collection in a far more flexible way.

Muso lets you browse complete albums or individual songs, and also sort or filter music by artist, year, rating and more. There's also an advanced tagging system many users will appreciate. Muso not only has the ability to group albums under the same artists, despite any spelling differences, it also offers support for mood tags. Also included is album artwork and artist information downloaded from, Wikipedia and Amazon.

Note that Muso itself is not a music player, although it can be linked to third party players like iTunes and Winamp. This in may be a downside for many users who won't like the idea of needing to use two programs to enjoy their music collection. There's also no real social features that would allow users to connect with other friends using Muso.

Overall, Muso works great as an alternative interface to browse and sort your music collection, if you're willing to use a third party player to actually listen to songs.



Muso 1.4.28

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